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Publishing a post on @dsabyte

Publishing posts on @dsabyte is very easy. You'll get a ready to use online Markdown + WYSIWYG editor. After writing the content just publish your post with a single click.


Table of contents

First Step

Visit here and see the page that appears. After that you will get to see two sections, one is for writing series and one for writing single post.
You can click any one of them to proceed.

Thing to consider

This is an important thing to consider. Every post is going to have a title and a description. Many websites used to take title and description separately, but I decided to use the same editor to take title and description.

Now, you might be thinking that how can you write the title and description of the post. Well, I am here to help you.


First, the level 11 heading will be used as the title of the post.


First, paragraph will be used as the description of the post

How to title and description of the post

After writing, you can click on the publish post button.
publish post

After clicking on the publish post button, you can see a popup appears on your screen. In this popup, you can see the title and description of your post.

If there is any issue with your title and description, then you'll get to see a warning.


Tags are the important things, you can enter up to 55 tags for your post. These tags are used to optimise the news feed.

Final Preview

In the final preview, you can see what how your post will look like in production.


After the final preview, you can click on the publish button, to actually publish the post.

Just wait for a few seconds to prepare the page, once the page is ready then you'll automatically be redirected to the post's page.

Markdown tutorial



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